Frequently Asked Questions * Online Medical Clinic
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Frequently Asked Questions

What technical skills do I need?

None. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Will this integrate with my current system?

We do not need technical integration with your current system and do not require to communicate with any existing website developer.

How long does it take to set up?

We have the fastest set up, requiring only 4 days from activation to deliver the solution and all training.

How do Patients Pay for their consultations?

We can implement a number of payment mechanisms and will discuss these with you. The system also works just as well using your offline payment procedures. If a patient has free or subsidized appointments then these are managed in the existing way.

What about data protection and privacy?

Our systems are secure and comply with all National and State regulations.

Can I get new patients via this product?

New patients must be onboarded and screened using the traditional method. They can opt for Online Consultations afterwards.

Can I prescribe via this platform?

Yes, you can write new or repeat prescriptions and make referrals.

What is your Pricing?

We operate a transparent and clear pricing system

Setup, testing, deployment and training: $5,000

Ongoing Licensing: $199 p.m.

Monthly third party software fees: $300